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U.S. and NTSC Customers: Please disregard this information as it applies only to international customers.

What does PAL mean? Why do some countries have different video systems?

PAL is the type of video system used in many countries outside of the U.S. In order for you to watch a video your VCR must send an electronic signal to your television. This signal is based upon the AC (alternating current) power frequency in the country where you are viewing the tape. Here in America our power frequency is 60Hz. However, in many other countries the AC frequency is 50Hz. Therefore, we have different television standards around the world.

America's television standard was developed under the guidance of the National Television Standards Committee, thus it is called NTSC. In most of Europe, Asia and Africa the power frequency is 50Hz so they developed 2 television standards which better suit the needs of these countries. One of the 50Hz Standards is PAL (Phase Alternating Lines) and the other is SECAM (SEquential Color Avec Memoire). While PAL is used in most of Europe and former territories of the British Empire SECAM is primarily used in France, Eastern Block and Middle Eastern Countries.

How do I know which video standard my country uses? What formats do you provide?

Refer to the chart below to see what video standards each country uses. Repetrope Productions provides its products in both the NTSC and PAL video formats.

Afghanistan S & P Guam NTSC Peru NTSC
Albania PAL Guatemala NTSC Philippines NTSC
Algeria PAL Guyana NTSC Poland PAL
Angola PAL Haiti NTSC Portugal PAL
Antigua NTSC Honduras NTSC Puerto Rico NTSC
Argentina PAL Hong Kong PAL Romania PAL
Armenia SECAM Hungary PAL Russia SECAM
Australia PAL Iceland PAL Samoa-Ameri. NTSC
Austria PAL India PAL Samoa-Western PAL
Azerbaijan SECAM Indonesia PAL Saudi Arabia S & P
Bahamas NTSC Iran SECAM Senegal SECAM
Bahrain PAL Iraq SECAM Sierra Leone PAL
Bangladesh PAL Ireland PAL Singapore PAL
Barbados NTSC Israel PAL Slovakia S & P
Belgium PAL Italy PAL Slovenia PAL
Belize NTSC Ivory Coast SECAM South Africa PAL
Bermuda NTSC Jamaica NTSC Spain PAL
Bolivia NTSC Japan NTSC Sudan PAL
Bosnia PAL Jordan PAL Swaziland PAL
Botswana SECAM Kazakhstan SECAM Sweden PAL
Brazil PAL Kenya PAL Switzerland PAL
Bulgaria SECAM Korea (South) NTSC Syria PAL
Burma NTSC Kuwait PAL Tahiti SECAM
Byelarus SECAM Laos PAL Taiwan NTSC
Cayman Island NTSC Latvia SECAM Tanzania PAL
Canada NTSC Lebanon SECAM Thailand PAL
Canary Island PAL Liberia PAL Trinidad/Tobago NTSC
Chad SECAM Libya PAL Tunisia SECAM
Chile NTSC Lithuania SECAM Turkey PAL
China PAL Luxembourg S & P Uganda PAL
Colombia NTSC Macedonia PAL Ukraine SECAM
Costa Rica NTSC Malaysia PAL U. K. PAL
Croatia PAL Martinique SECAM Uruguay PAL
Cyprus PAL Monaco S & P Venezuela NTSC
Czechoslovakia SECAM Mongolia SECAM Vietnam S & N
Denmark PAL Morocco SECAM Virgin Island NTSC
Dominican Rep NTSC Mozambique PAL Yugoslavia PAL
Ecuador NTSC Nambia PAL Zaire SECAM
Egypt PAL Netherlands PAL Zanzibar PAL
El Salvador NTSC Nether Antilles NTSC Zimbabwe PAL
Estonia S & P New Caledonia SECAM    
Ethiopia PAL New Zealand PAL    
Fiji NTSC Nicaragua NTSC    
Finland PAL Nigeria PAL    
France SECAM Norway PAL    
Georgia SECAM Okinawa NTSC    
Germany PAL Pakistan PAL    
Greece SECAM Panama NTSC    
Greenland PAL Paraguay PAL